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Secrets of relaxation

You’re well-being shouldn’t be a luxury, it should be a priority. In our fast paced world a high percentage of disease is stress related. Incorporating regular body work, skin care and natural nurturing products into your wellness plan is an investment in your health bringing balance to the emotional, physical, and spiritual body. At Vital Essence we provide a sanctuary for healing and restoring your body and mind.

Satisfying our clients

When you walk through our doors you will be greeted with individualized attention. You are unique and we cherish you and your process. We are a team passionate about what we do and the products and techniques we stand behind. We want to build a long lasting relationship with you based on trust and results.

You Deserve To Be Pampered

Nurture your body, mind and spirit

Massage Treatments


Massage reduces stress and anxiety, provides relief from chronic pain and speeds post injury healing, improves joint mobility, and increases energy levels while facilitating mind body connection. A variety of techniques such as swedish massage, deep tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and energy balancing to deepen your relaxation are combined to design the perfect session to support you on your path to balance and vitality. Couples massage is available.



Designed to pay individual attention to an area of discomfort to release the restriction and provide relief from pain. Chair massage is also available for this treatment if preferred.

30 minutes $45


Cupping is a vacuum technique used in addition to massage to pull congestion and stagnation from within the body while releasing tension, increasing circulation, and decreasing inflammation in the tissue.




Massage during pregnancy helps ease emotional stress, relieve strain on muscles, joints, and fascia, soothe nervous system, regulate blood pressure, and offer a natural, drug free alternative to pain. The Body Support Cushioning system is available to make you comfortable during your massage.



Alternative Healing


Reiki means “Universal Life Force” healing energy of the universe. It is an ancient, gentle, hands-on healing art used to facilitate deep relaxation, relieve pain, and promote healing by stimulating your body’s innate healing resources.

$85/ $125


A gentle, light therapeutic touch is applied on specific points along your spine, neck and head by your practitioner to help you release tensions and restrictions in the central nervous system naturally relieving pain and discomfort, alleviating stress, and strengthening the immune system to enhance whole-body health.

$85/ $125


Holistic coaching with Bobbi Moore such as Healing you Emotions, Inner Family Awareness, Relationship Communication and Compassion, Healing Grief, Creating new Patterns to Move Forward, Forgiveness and Gratitude, Purpose and Passion, Stopping the Judge, and Open Sessions Designed for you and your specific needs.

$120/ $160


The application of pressure used to stimulate reflex points on the hands and feet that reflect all organs, glands, and systems of the body. It induces a deep state of relaxation, stimulates nerve function, boosts circulation, and eliminates toxins from the body resulting in pain relief and an increase in energy.

$85/ $125

Ready to Relax?

Experts will tailor your session to your specific needs and goals